Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

iCloud’s Login Page Is Right There

Rumor arises from FSM, which claims it  got some revelation from Apple’s internal server, in which there is  the homepage for iCloud.

Below is the Picture which was revealed by FSM is said to be the login page of iCloud, the upcoming service from Apple.


The logo is not said to be Officially by Apple because FSM couldn’t provide any significant details or proof if the logo is really by Apple or not.

Looks like 9to5mac cleared the confusion. The logo seems to be fake according to the original logo shown and the one shown above in the picture.


A guy on Twitter stated that Apple will not mess there iCloud’s logo…

Any ways don’t go into these type of speculations because WWDC is just around the corner and Apple will Unveil many things. Stay tuned.