Sat. May 28th, 2022

iCloud Official Website Goes Live, No More Beta

It seems that Apple is now giving final touches to iCloud and iOS 5 for the today release, and just ahead of the iOS 5 public release Apple has release the iCloud website, now its live for all means no more beta sessions. You can access the new iCloud service from Apple at this address “”. The service page gets major update in the evening, now the pages shows the login page and the iCloud apps icons in the background.

iCloud Goes Live

The new login panel does not carries the “beta” tag, but iCloud seems to be still restericted to the developers only because most of the things only works for the developers, you can now setup your device and computer with Apple’s new cloud based iCloud by simply visiting the page on your iOS device.


Officially Apple announces that they will launch the iCloud today (Wednesday, October 12th) along with the iOS 5 public release and Mac OS X 10.7.2. In the preparation of the iOS 5 launch Apple yesterday releases the final version of iTunes 10.5 to public, to get ready for the iOS 5. Apple has historically released their major iOS updates around 1pm eastern time.