Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iCloud.com Goes Live For Every One – Full Review

While kicking out some minor updates to Apple TV, after some hours, Apple comes again and opens the iCloud.com, in the first few minutes we received many reports that the iCloud.com is open for developers, but after some time users are reporting that Apple has also opens the iCloud.com for non-developers, means those who only registered their account for dev, but didn’t purchase iOS complete dev account can also open the iCloud. Before sending out the iCloud.com live, in the past Apple redirects it to apple.com/iCloud, but now instead of redirecting page now users can land on the login page of iCloud, as you can see below in the image.

Look at the screenshots of the internal panel of iCloud, which looks similar to iOS-like and iPad OS like layout. iCloud is still in beta and offers online version of Mail, Contacts, Calendar and as well as new addition of iWork. Let’s strat with the review of iCloud.. This panel is presented after the login page in which you have to give some of your minor information

And then the main panel

Well, how would you get that on the Web well………

Well if all of these are ON you will get them..

First of all, mail… For that you should have a me.com address as you can sync. the mail of all your accounts and get them in one place i.e Mobile Me/iCloud. I don’t have one, so I get this

Then you have contacts, as when the sync. takes place… you will be able to get your contacts any where in the world on the web. As i have closed iCloud;s services except Find My iPhone so I get this

Same is with Calender, syncs all your reminders and stuff in one place and get on the calender in web.

Okay now comes our favorite feature and that is Find My iPhone, when you hit the icon of Find My iPhone it redirects you to http://www.me.com/find

Ans the last is iWork rather you should say Keynotes, Pages, Numbers.. As i don’t need any of them i get the following things and when you will be syncing your stuff of iWork you will be shown your work on iCloud.




So this was the full preview and remember it’s a beta release with not all of the features/options. It’s live for the developers. Some of the options which should be added can be.. Bookmarks, Notes, Photos and Music. At last i would like to tell you one more thing, not important the cloud icon at the top left leads you to the home page.