Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

iChromy Released To Bring The Chrome Experience To iPad

iChromy is a new browser for iPad released today in App Store, the aim of iChromy is to provide Google Chrome experience to iPad, the app is developed without using the Chromium open source project, because of Apple’s strict restrictions. Basic work of this App is to provide Chrome experience at tablets platform and developer didn’t hide their intention of developing a Chrome based browser for iPad.

iChromy is currently available for free and lacks in many functions but soon the developers will introduce the Pro Version of iChromy which comes up with the full features to compete with other available browsers. iChromy has Omnibox, which allows users to search and type addresses of webpages in the same bar, just like Chrome. iChromy is very light weight app, didn’t crash on device while loading too much pages.