Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iCard ECG Turns Your iPhone/iPad In To Powerful Mobile ECG

We all know very well that Apple is ruling the world tech with its iPhone and other iOS devices, already many organizations and other firms adopt these devices to use them for the help of their employees, health and care organizations has also adopt these devices and make many apps which offer several features, just like we have saw an app in App Store which claims to listen your heartbeat through the bottom speaker. We have seen many such apps which offer different features, but now after today’s accessory all the things will shift to the whole new platform, Alivecor’s iCard ECG accessory, which claims to convert your iPhone and iPad into the live ECG machine, the accessory is compatible to work with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad, the concept of the accessory is, they are using metal conductor points attached to the back cover your iOS device to measure the heart beat.

iCard ECG is currently awaiting for the medically approval in U.S, but it does not mean that you not check it up or won’t test it, if you are interested in it, head over to here and register yourself.