Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

iBookstore Now Available On iTunes

With all new features coming with iOS 5, apple has now updated  iTunes and now it allow you to download  iBooks directly to your computer. You can download iBooks on your Mac and send them to you iOS devices.

The much rumored, the desktop iBooks app, doesn’t seems to be a reality now!
Some features of this app are:-

1.You can browse Staff Favorites
2.Add items to your Wish List
3.check out the “Best of the month” and “popular pre-orders”.

Everything seen on the iBookstore for iOS has been ported to a new section in the iTunes Store for desktop computers, which doesn’t require an iTunes update. With the new Automatic Downloads functionality that went live at the WWDC Conference, you’ll be able to buy a book on your computer and instantly see it available on your iPhone or iPad with a download happening in the background.
Sounds interesting for all book lovers!

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