Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Apple Pushed An Update To iBooks 2, iBooks 2.0.1 Out With Bugs Fixed

Just about two weeks ago on the Apples first ever education event, Apple changed the way students study. The text books started to reveal on iBooks. iBooks brought up the normal books, novels and PDF’s in to it. iBooks changed the way people study. Jobs him self wanted to change the way students study because they were never motivated but they are on the other hands with the tech devices, games where more brain was used and they succeeded but not in studies. The iBooks 2 brought up the text books from the three major publishers which were the

  1. Pearson
  2. Mc Graw Hill
  3. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

People reported bug about the text books being closed at the start of it. So Apple updated the iBooks 2 to tear up the bugs off. According to the App Stores description

iBooks 2.0.1 addresses an issue where iBooks textbooks may not open.

iBooks 2 introduced iBooks textbooks.

After the release Apple said

We’re aware of a small number of iBooks 2 users having issues with the playback of the introduction movies when opening iBooks textbooks. It will be fixed soon in an upcoming software update.

The update will go live rather it is live to many people around the globe. The expensive book costs you $14.99 and the cheap one is free. You can download the iBooks 2.0.1 from here.