Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iBooks 2 Leaks iPad 3 Retina Images (Photo)

Today Apple released iBooks 2.0 with some new things added to it at their education-focused media event in New York. The new iBooks v2 also comes up with a beautiful function inside the application called textbooks that allow users to get all the textbooks right on the iBook.app on iPad or iPhone from the iBookStore under section “textbook.”

After the release of iBooks 2.0 the developers started to dig in this App to look further for the future references of iDevices. They luckily found out about the iPad 3 reference in the newly released iBooks 2.0.


Still it is not confirmed that Apple is working on an iPad HD or Retina display. The rumors about the iPad 3 are on the top these days, so we can expect an iPad 3 with a higher Resolution this year. The new resolution for the iPad 3 is said to be 1,536 x 2,048-pixels. It is also said that the iPad 3 will be coming up with A6 processor and 4G LTE and the battery life will be twice as of iPad 2.

Till now it is not yet confirmed that Apple will be releasing an iPad 3 or an iPad 2S. Early today some Chinese manufacturer claimed to be manufacturing iPad 2S cases.