Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

i0n1c: Chronic Dev Team iPad 2 Jailbreak Will Be Only For iOS 4.3 Running iPads

As we have informed you few minutes ago that i0n1c has said that may be Apple has fixed the way of developing untether jailbreak in iOS 5, so while talking about the untether jailbreak in iOS 5.  i0n1c has revealed the some information about the iPad 2 jailbreak, the hacker said that he have another kernel exploit which may be used to make untether jailbreak on iPad 2 and other devices on iOS 5, but for it people you have to wait for the final version of iOS 5.


The iPad 2 jailbreak announced by @chronic_dev will only be for iPad 4.3(.0) afaik.

On the other hand of the information, i0n1c has also quoted about the iPad 2 jailbreak which was announced by the Chronic Dev Team and said that it would come in next few weeks. He said that Chronic Dev Team iPad 2 jailbreak is come but only for those users who are on the iOS 4.3.0, because according to his knowledge the security hole is present on that version only.