Wed. May 25th, 2022

HzO Contact Apple About Water Blocking Technology For Future iPhone

The company which had been showing its next-generation water resistant technology at the CES floor for the portable electronics, like smartphones, tablets, has now highlighted by the publication in a report claiming that they are contacting with Apple to hook them up for iOS devices overall security. Utah company HzO recently shown up its next generation “WaterBlock” technology for mobile devices last week at CES, and now is said to be talking with Apple to include their next-generation technology in the future iPhones, and other Apple labeled devices.

According to the company, Apple is not the only in their mind. They have already shown up their technology to the Apple’s biggest rival Samsung, and live demoed the technology to the Samsung Chairman with company’s Galaxy S coated with new HzO technology.

The HzO’s WaterBlock technology that has been discussing over there is a process of coating their new-generation formula mixture on the internal components of the device to make it water proof, and this is only possible to the device during the manufacturing process, and the main advantage of this technology is that whole protection of a device is invisible to the users.

It is not clear at the moment to know how serious the new company is talking with Apple to hook them up for their future iOS devices, and there is currently no report comes from any publication, which suggests any meeting with the new company over their technology. However, it seems that company has taken some public stunt to get some attention from the public, by commenting to the media that they have been talking with Apple to adopt their technology.

Well, at the moment it is not a good moment to say anything about the company, but still it seems harder that Apple may adopt the company to make their devices more reliable, and costly too for their users.