Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

HTML 5: All New Foursquare Website, Maintained For Big Screen Devices

As there is no such application like Foursquare or Gowalla revealed for iPad to check in so Foursquare has debuted an all new HTML 5 website through which users will be now checking in and will know about there friends around.

Basically this website is completely designed keeping in the view of tablets as they don’t have any checking in app for tablets so thats the main reason.

As you will enter into your account a map will appear which will show the stuff like

  • The Trending Places Will be Defined In Yellow Color
  • The Places On Your List Will Be In Green Color
  • The Popular Places Will Be Colored Blue
  • The Special Ones Will Be Colored Orange


    Foursquare in their blogpost have said

    To make sure it’s useful every time you visit, we also pull out a few results that are perfect for what you want to do next. Load it up at 11:30 and we’ll start suggesting great lunch spots nearby, and in the early evening we’ll switch to places for dinner. On Saturday afternoon, we’ll show you some great weekend activities. We’ve been testing this at foursquare HQ for a while, and love checking it for new ideas before we go out.