Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

HowTo: Sync Multiple iTunes Music Libraries With iPhone / iPad

While using an iOS device as my permanent device, and the device through, I like to listen to hundreds of songs on daily basis. I face many issues on the device, especially while syncing the device music libraries with all of my other machines on their iTunes. Sometimes, iTunes become evil and force me to delete the whole library function with a single click on the machine. I mostly avoid connecting my device with machine and attempt alternative methods to safe my libraries from the devil iTunes, I have tested many tweaks and applications that aim to alternate the iTunes Syncing of your device with other protocols but all of them creates many other problems for the device, and therefore I don’t host any of that app on my device.

In the start of this mess up I downloaded many tweaks to screw my device overall efficiency, but most of them won’t work as they were advertised and few of them started bulling my device to a non-responsive device. Yesterday, again while checking for another good tweak for this kind of work I come across to a new tweak launched in Cydia with the name of MultiTunes, and for surely like others decided to give it a try anyway. While testing the new tweak on my device, I come across to find that the tweak is quite good, and works exactly as it was advertised. It actually allows me to sync my device with multiple music libraries.

MultiTunes carries a very simple layout and design, and only focuses on its work. In the tweak, you have “Default Library” option, and the ability option to add additional libraries into your device while using the “+” button in the upper-right corner of the app. To add new music libraries on your device, you just have to tap the button and give a name to the library. Once you have done with the creation of the new library, you can instantly switch between both or more libraries by tapping the title of library.

After switching to a new music library, you can check the tweak working as by opening the Music app on your device, you will literally find the whole music app empty, just because of the new library selection. Once you’re done with your satisfaction simply connect your device with iTunes and sync the device with another Music Library than you will be able to play and host different music libraries, and it for surely helps in syncing your device across different machines.