Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

HowTo: Launch Siri From Your iOS Notification Center With Siri Launch

Since the new iOS 5 notification center arrives in the iOS, we have seen everything can be launched or accessed from the iOS Notification Center with the help of little tweaks present in Cydia Store. It appears that the notification center tweak is a just place for the beginner developers to test their coding skills, and therefore, every next day we see a new tweak launch targeting the iOS notification center. A new tweak launched in Cydia with the name of “SiriLaunch” that let users to directly invoke Siri from the notification center.

The new “Siri Launch” tweak actually adds a simple and small Siri icon on your device iOS Notification center and allows you to invoke Siri by tapping the little Siri icon right from the notification center. SiriLaunch places a little Siri mic icon in the bottom-left corner of the Notification Center panel, which may help you easily in invoking Siri on your device.  Moreover, the SiriLaunch tweak also provides you setting for the tweak through which you can easily change the location of the Siri icon on your notification with X-axis.

SiriLaunch is available in Cydia’s BigBoss Repository for free of cost, and it for surely requires a Siri occupied device to make work on your device. To use this jailbreak tweak on your device, you must have to be on a jailbroken device with actively working Siri. It may help you in saving your iPhone’s home button, as by default, there is only one method to invoke Siri on the device is to press the Home button.

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