Fri. May 27th, 2022

HowTo: Check Your iPhone’s Data Usage On Notification Center

It is for surely going to hit your device, if you are one of those who always want to measure the data usage of their phone and therefore, looking for the couple of applications on their iPhone or other devices to notify them whenever they reach their data bottom line before the carrier provider starts throttling your data speed on the device. A really cool and useful tweak for your device is landed in Cydia Store aiming to hit your device’s iOS 5 Notification Center. WeeTrackData is a new iOS 5’s notification center tweak or utility for those who wish to measure the data usage on their device with a single click.

WeeTrackData is a quick tool for your device that lets you quickly check the data usage of your iPhone right from the Notification Center, and as well allows you to impose a limit notification on your device with data usage quota for a month or a week. The limit imposing feature is for surely going to help you in not exceeding your monthly based data package on your device. We have seen many different tweaks targeting the iOS 5 Notification Center but none of them came up with such great idea and power.


WeeTrackData is developed by Albert Schulz, and the tweak is supports three different views to manage your whole data usage on the device as: Monthly Stats, Last 7 Days, and Today’s Usage. Swipe from left to right to view the three different views, and you’ll have your upload and download stats displayed for each. The little WiFi icon shows you your current data signal strength with a fluctuating percentage.

WeeTrackData is a really simple and useful tweak for your device. Once you install it on your device and enable it from the Settings app of your device, it will start logging your bandwidth and data usage with the complete report for yourself. You can also set up different types of notifications for yourself using the tweak. WeeTrackData is available in the Cydia Store for $1.99, but we don’t think so that it is overpriced.