Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

How Samsung Is Copying iOS Device, Why Samsung Will Lose Against Apple

Many of you already knows about the ongoing lawsuit fight between Apple and Samsung, because Apple claims that Samsung is keep copying their iOS devices design, and therefore they are up to authorities around the web to put ban on the import of Samsung devices, such Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung Galaxy S / S II. In last couple of days we have seen Apple start providing solid proofs and statements in their ongoing lawsuit cases and recently it was reported that judge also ruled Samsung to provide some feature unreleased devices to Apple, and in return of it Samsung also try to get access on Apple’s next generation iPhone 5, but seems to be quietly unlucky, Judge denies their request.  Well, this is a really big story, so I am not going to bore you people, cuts the line come direct to the point. We have some kind of infographics, which can show you how Samsung is copying Apple devices, and why Samsung will lose against Apple in the lawsuit fight.



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