Sat. May 21st, 2022

How To Use Mac OS X Lion New Gestures (Guide)

How many of you already know about the new operating system named “Mac OS X Lion.” One of the biggest news is the gesture of Lion. Now it is possible to control so much of our Macs with simple finger movements, as if we were using a device IOS . To take full advantage of this new OS, and these new gestures, it is important to have a Magic Mouse , Trackpad Magic or a laptop’s trackpad.


Everything starts from Mission Control, the new feature that makes it different than Lion Snow Leopard: now every app can run full-screen gadgets and applications have their own screen and switch from one app to another, thanks to its control with our hands, has never been faster.


Let’s see how:

Magic Mouse
Mission control view
double click with two fingers
scroll up with three fingers
Scroll through the app and the desks in full screen
Scroll left and right with two fingers
Scroll right and left with three fingers
View launch pad
No gesture
Close the hand with the thumb and three fingers
Search for the meaning of a word
No gesture
When point your mouse over a word, double-tap with three fingers
Click the secondary
Click on the right side
Click with two fingers
No gesture
Close with two fingers
Smart zoom
Double-tap with a finger
Double-tap with two fingers
No gesture
Wheel with two fingers
Scroll through the pages
Scroll right and left with a finger
Scroll left or right with two fingers
Shows desktop
No gesture
Open your hand with the thumb and three fingers
Go up and down with your finger
Go up and down with two fingers

 I hope this chart will come in handy for learning Quick methods to control your Mac.