Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

How To Use Dumped SHSH To Restore To Older Firmware Using iFaith (Tutorial)

Few hours back we told you about the new Tool by ih8sn0w called iFaith. It is used to Dump the SHSH of the current Firmware running on your iDevice means, you can now save the SHSH Blobs for the Firmware which is not any more signed by Apple. To do that you need to follow the guide here.

Once you are done with the SHSH part, now you come on a point that how can you restore to the older firmware using iFaith. So below is the guide on how can you restore to older Firmware using iFaith

Steps to Follow:


Download iFaith for Windows

Download iFaith for MAC OS X [Mirror] (Coming Soon]

Once you downloaded iFaith open it


Now Proceed next and you will get these options:

Now go to the First Option which is Build*Signed* IPSW w/Blobs.


Now browse for the SHSH Blobs you saved using iFaith.


Once you are done with the SHSH part proceed next.

Now it will ask you to Browse for the IPSW needed for the SHSH.


Proceed next and Build the IPSW.


Once you are done with this, it will ask you to enter your iDevice into PWNED DFU Mode.

Proceed next to put it into PWNED DFU Mode.


Once you are PWNED DFU Mode,iTunes Will pop-up saying Device detected in DFU Mode.

Now Press SHIFT+Restore and restore to the IPSW which was made by iFaith.


Once done you will be on the previous version of iOS. Enjoy.