Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

How to Stop Data (3G/EDGE/GPRS) Overage Charges on iPhone

Every one of you owning an iPhone uses 3G/GPRS/Edge and are not aware of the charges. How much the carrier charges you for you data usage and you don’t know how much MB or KB of the data you have used in a single day. Some times you exceed the limit of the data you wanted to use and have to pay an extra amount when paying for the bill.

I am sure none of you will be aware of how much data you use in a day and if you are billed for the right data usage or extra usage which you haven’t used.

To Monitor all these activities we came across a new App which is called Data Man-Real Time Data Usage Manager with GeoTag.

The most powerful and precise weapon against data overage charges! DataMan monitors and manages your data usage in real time, closely tracking your data activities every 10 minutes. No other apps come close to DataMan for its precision. Plus, receive alerts the moment you exceed your usage thresholds, without having to open DataMan. The technologies and features in DataMan help you make smarter decisions to manage consumption and save money.

? Precisely track your daily, weekly and monthly data usage for cellular (3G/EDGE/GPRS) and Wi-Fi. You can view your usage across different days, even drilling down to see the hourly details.

? Get alerts the moment you exceed your cellular data usage thresholds, without having to open DataMan. Let the world’s most advanced real time data usage manager help you stop overage charges.

? Geotag your data activities and view them on a map. You can zoom in on the map to see the time and usage for certain places. Very useful when you travel and roam.

? 4 levels of usage thresholds and 3 data allowances (daily, weekly and monthly) for you to customize to suit your data plan.

? Works all over the world with all carriers. No login is required to your carrier’s website.

? Always up-to-date usage statistics. No need to wait hours or days for your carrier to refresh and give you the latest statistics.

? Easy setup. Set your bill start date and data allowance, and you’re done. DataMan is now monitoring your usage in the background.

This Tweak is really awesome and check back soon for some good deal.You can buy this App from iTunes for just $1.99.

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