Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

How To Setup Facebook Video Calling In Mac OS X Lion

AS we know, today Facebook rolled out some new features such as most awaited and demanded Video Calling option, and this feature is powered by Skype and specifically developer for each browser and Operating System. Just right after the release of feature some users noted that Facebook new feature didn’t support the Apple’s next generation OS X Lion and by this Facebook put those people in dark whose using Apple’s new generation Mac OS X Lion.

Well no need to worry, there is a simple fix popped up on several sources which allow you to enable Facebook video calling right on your Mac OS X Lion,  as we have mentioned the feature is specially designed for every browser, so you just need to change the user agent of browser in OS X Lion to older version that’s it.  If you are running Safari, simply hit the develop button from the bar and go to the User Agent option and hit the Safari 5.1 – Mac, that’s it. Now you can enjoy the Facebook Video Calling on your Mac OS X Lion hosted computer or other device.



In Google Chrome and Firefox, you have to download the specific plugins of each browser, which allow you to simply switch your user agent directly from the browser without any making any changes in settings. In both browser you have to set your User Agent to Internet Explorer 8, than you can use Facebook Video Calling On OS X Lion.

Download Plugin For Firefox

Download Plugin For Google Chrome