Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

How To Send Google+ Invitations Through Circles, Without Invitation Button

If you are in the line to get  Google + invitation from some one, you must know that Google has disabled the Google + invites by email for all except those who works inside the Google and Orkut, but it seems that there is still some tricks available which allow you to send invitation to others without email procedure. Well thanks to Badar Khushnood for sharing the hat tip over Google +, through this tip we can still hit everyone with the invitation and get in to the limited service.

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This is what he shared on Google+:

TIP: work around if u don’t have Google+ invites yet: add all u want to invite with their emails in a circle and then share a status update or story with them and confirm that u want to send email updates to them…

Confused ? well its really work, do it by your self! In this method all you need to do is add people with their emails ID to your Circles in Google +, and then share something with that circle, like images. Invitations will be sent to those people to join Google+.