Sat. May 21st, 2022

How to make your iCloud email Addresses?

­­­ iCloud email account can be had on almost all the Apple devices. You can have them on iPod, iPad as well as iPhone. This can be had with the help for the iOS 5 or any later software. All you need to do is follow setup instructions that you Mac or the iOS device gives. In case you are already having the free Find My iPhone account, all you need to do to make your iCloud email is enter the same Apple ID that you used for Find My iPhone. This will automatically help you in updatin­­g your account to the iCloud email.

MobileMe and iCloud email

In case you have the expired MobileMe account, you just need to enter the expired Mac or MobileMe email address when it asks for the Apple ID. In case your account in the has already expired, it will automatically be reactivated while you sign up iCloud email. However, address will remain deactivated but you always have the option to set up the new email ID on It is also important to note that only verified email ID with the expired or the will be needed by you in case you want to make your iCloud email. For this, you can always go to the address.

Which Apple ID to use while sign-up for iCloud email?

Simply speaking, Apple ID is nothing but an email ID that is being used for logging in at almost all the Apple products. Say, when you wish to buy the songs from Apple’s iTunes or wish to download some application, you simply need to type in this ID. While setting up for the iPad, iPhone or iPod, you can always make use of the same ID for the iCloud email services. However, it is very much possible for you to use an ID for iCloud email and another ID for making your store purchases.

Setting up iCloud email on PC, MAC or iOS Devices

In order to set up your iCloud email on Mac, iOS or PC, all you need to do is check that the computers or other devices fulfill the “eligibility criterion” for the iCloud email system requirements. Thereafter, you can always follow the instructions for setting up your account on Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone or any other device. As far as the system requirements are concerned, all you need is OS X Lion v10.7.2 or iOS 5. Detailed requirements can be had from the official website.

You can always easily set up the iCloud email by following the simple instructions and these advanced solutions.