Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

How-To: Make Celeste Bluetooth App to Work On iOS 4.3.3 (Easy Guide)

After successfully jailbreaking iPhone’s and other iOS devices, people start searching the fixes for the apps which they was using in the old firmware and Celeste Bluetooth is one of the most handy application of iPhone which was released some time ago but makes it space in the top applications but sadly is also one of them who didn’t support the latest version of iOS firmware and people are seeking for its fix or patch to make it work again on the latest iOS 4.3.3. When the iOS 4.3.2 we have told you guys a method in which you spoof your firmware and it makes the Celeste to work on iOS 4.3.2, but the method we have shared that was tough and just like pain in mind =P , So today we have come up with the new method in which you don’t need to mess up with your firmware to make Celeste to work on iOS 4.3.3.

For those of you who not know, Celeste is a Bluetooth app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which allows you to send photos, songs, notes, videos, contacts  from your iDevice to any other Bluetooth supported device.

Steps to Install Celeste on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch  iOS 4.3.3 Through Cydia:

If you have already purchased the Celeste Bluetooth App legitimately from ModMyi Repo, and now want to run Celeste on iOS 4.3.3 without spoofing and messing with your firmware, than heads to our simple step by step tutorial.

Step 1: As we all know, Celeste App is not available in AppStore and it was released in Cydia. So you firstly you have to jailbreak your device on latest firmware iOS 4.3.3 with Redsn0w, PwnageTool and Sn0wbreeze 2.7 (Guides)

Step 2: Now launch Cydia from Springboard of your device and Tap on the Manage tab than go to Sources section to add repo address for the “Action Menu“. Celeste is depends on Action Menu, so first we have to install it. Enter as Cydia/APT URL and hit Add Source button.

Step 3: Now use the search bar and type “Action Menu”  to search. Choose it from xSellize source and than hit the install button. Once the installation process complete, simply reboot the device.

Step 4: After rebooting, again launch Cydia from Springboard, this time simply login to your account form the homepage of Cydia and install Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing App from the ModMyi repo.

Step 5: Once the installation process completes, simply give a hit to the “Restart Springboard” button to activate the Celeste on your device from server. While performing this step make sure your device is connected to internet via Wi-Fi otherwise Celeste will fail to activate it on your device from server.

Step#6: Now after you have Activated Celeste, you need to SSH into the Root of you iPhone and go to this location to make some changes. Use iFunbox for PC and Cyberduck for MAC .

Now navigate to this location:


Step#7: Now open Systemversion.plist with notepad and copy the Select all the material written in it and copy it in Microsoft Word to see the data in proper form.

Over here you need to do some changes. In the String above you will see your version of iOS, it will be 4.3.2,4.3.3. Mine was 4.3.2 i changed it to 4.3.1. You also have to change the version to iOS 4.3.1.

Step#8: Now when you have changed the version, copy the text back to Notepad file as shown in the pic and save the File.

Step#9: Once saved close the SSH Client and do a Reboot. Once Rebooted you will have Celeste Working on iOS 4.3.3.


This guide is now no more of use because the Tweak got updated and is working pretty fine. You can see our Hands on here of the new update. So if you want to try Celeste either buy it or wait for the crack which will take time because it is hard to crack and the respected person is working on the crack.