Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

How To Make An Mac OS X Lion Bootable DVD Disc (Tutorial)

As we all know, Apple is on the corner with the launch of next generation OS X Lion and just away some hours from the launch of Lion. With all of these reports we are missing the main point of OS X Lion, as it was announced that OS X Lion is the first release of OS X series which have to come in the shape of digital download, means they will not issue any type of DVD installation of OS X Lion. But we have seen the trick in the past few weeks which allows us to burn the DVD of OS X Lion for installation and it work for the Golden Master version of OS X Lion and a really easy process for the Mac users.


In the start of June a email from Steve Jobs suggests that there is only a one way to install the Mac OS X Lion, on which users have to install Snow Leopard firstly than they can download the OS X Lion and Install it on the top of it, but it seems really pain full procedure. But downloading a OS X Lion and burn it on DVD for installation seems to be painless procedure and really useable for those who lives on that area where the internet is really slow or didn’t manage to download the 4GB file to their Mac’s.  So for it we have really quite functional trick which allow you to make bootable OS X Lion Disc.

As posted by Egg Freckles, this method should work in the final retail release of Lion:

Once Lion is released, purchase and download it from the Mac App Store.
Locate the OS X Lion installer and right-click on it. Select ‘Show Package Contents’.
Inside the ‘Contents’ folder, there is a ‘SharedSupport’ folder. Inside that is the Lion Installer. It’s called ‘InstallESD.dmg”.
Copy ‘InstallESD.dmg’ to the Desktop by clicking and dragging it while holding down the Option-key. You should see a little green plus icon if you did it right.
Open Disk Utility. Head to the Go menu in the Finder and select ‘Utilities’. Disk Utility should be in there.
Click the burn button.
Select ‘InstallESD.dmg’ from the Desktop, insert a blank 4.7GB DVD and wait. Once it’s finished, you’ll have a shiny new Lion install DVD.

You can now install Lion on whatever machines you like, just as if you’d purchased the install disc from your local Apple Store. Lion is expected to launch on the Mac App Store tomorrow morning.