Hey people the along waited jailbreak for all i-devices has finally released. You all know about pwnage tool and its functions. Snow breeze is not the unlock for the baseband (5.14.02 and 2.04) remember that.

It only preserves your baseband. Which means you should have your SHSH saved in cydia and on your computer as well. If you haven’t saved your SHSH so save it by using Tiny Umbrella.

Step 1: Download Snowbreeze 2.1. (Download links mentioned below)

Step 2: Download and install latest iTunes 10.1. (Download links mentioned below)

Step 3: Download the required iOS firmware file for your idevice.

Step 4: When you open the Snowbreeze, you see a splash screen saying that this software is not for commercial use. Click OK to continue.

Step 5: On the next screen click on Browse button to select the required IPSW file downloaded in step 3.

Step 6: Snowbreeze will verify the integrity of the iOS file. After that Click on the arrow on the bottom-right to continue.

How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad,iPod Touch, AppleTV with Snowbreeze 2.1

Step 7: Select the Simple Mode and Snowbreeze will start building the custom firmware. If you want to customize your firmware, select the Expert Mode and then select General Tab for more options.

How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad,iPod Touch, AppleTV with Snowbreeze 2.1How to Jailbreak iPhone, iPad,iPod Touch, AppleTV with Snowbreeze 2.1

Step 8: After Snowbreeze has completed its work, press the OK button to put the idevice into DFU mode.

Step 9: Follow the on-screen options to get the DFU mode. If you want to  jailbreak AppleTV, follow the instructions here to put it into DFU mode.

Step 10: Now open the iTunes and it will prompt you with a message that it found a device in recovery mode. Click OK to continue.

Step 11: Hold down the SHIFT key and click on restore button. Choose the custom firmware cooked with Snowbreeze. Make it sure that you select the right iOS firmware, the name starting with Snowbreeze.

Let the iTunes to finish it work. Enjoy jailbreaked iPhone/iPad/iPod and Apple TV.

via ( Shoutpedia)