Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

How To Hide Pictures In Photos Application On iPhone / iPad

Undoubtedly, Apple has well-developed the iOS operating system for the iPhone / iPad devices, but still there is a lot of room available for improvement in the overall iOS core functionality. The iOS Photos application is an example of well developed core application and well integrated in the iOS, but developers out there still believe that they can alternatively improve its overall performance on the users devices. There is a new tweak launched in Cydia dubbed as “Photo Enhancer” by greensnow, the new tweak is available to download from the Cydia’s default repository.

Photo Enhancer is a new tweak that allows you to supercharger your stock Photos application with the couple of extra new features that might not be provided by Apple in iOS. Beginnings with the ability to hide your images from photo albums in the stock Photos application of your device, and let you completely customize the look of images in the Photos application. You can customize the way in which images show on your Photos application by simply tapping the edit button, and then select the photos that you want to hide, and look for a new button in the left top button called “Hide,” after pressing the hide button, go to an album, this time you will notice that none of your selected images will appear.
hide images on iphone and ipad
There is a cool trick to bring them back, by following the steps again on your device, simply edit the album once again, and de-select the images, and press ok to unhide the pictures again. However, Photo Enhancer features doesn’t end here; the tweak also allows you to play with the Camera Roll (default album) position in the Photos application. Apple never allowed users to make changes in the Camera Roll, as per users are unable to play along with Camera Roll folder, because Apple treats it as a system folder on your device.  With the new Photo Enhancer, you can now drag down the position of Camera Roll folder to below and above any other album in your iPhone / iPad.

The Photo Enhancer is available in Cydia’s ModMyi Repository for free of cost, and able to provide you an additional security over your device Photos application.