Sat. May 21st, 2022

How To: Get Siri Personal Assistant On Your iPhone 4 / iPod Touch

A large number of folks have asked us after the announcement of the iPhone 4S, what so special inside the iPhone 4S? and I was amazed at the moment, actually what we have new in the iPhone? We have already A5 Processor on iPad 2, and the 64Gb capacity in the iPod. So why Apple took more than 17 months to launch the new device? Just because of a 8 MegaPixel Camera?

Well no! iPhone 4S still carries exclusive feature from Apple, and that is the new “Siri” a virtual personal assistant which help you in getting answers of almost questions. Apple has already amazed the folks by introducing the Siri to the folks during the keynote on iPhone 4S event, while announcing the event Apple left out the all iOS devices and named the amazing thing just for the iPhone 4S. Well now you not need to worry, because we have our Siri app, which allows you to enjoy the same assistant on your old generation iPhone 4.

Before the announcement of the new Siri, personal assistant in the iPhone 4S, there was an app in the AppStore with the same name and from the same developer who build the functionality of the Siri, so you can still hook it up for your iOS devices if you want to enjoy. Apple has already announced that the device will be removed from the App Store right after the launch of the device, so its time to move your butts if you want the same functionality. Might be Apple has block the downloading of the app, so now you have to download the app from our link.


Download Siri App For iPhone 4 & iPod Touch





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