Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

How To: Get “iOS ’86” Theme For Your iPhone

If you do remember, last week, we have shown the concept of old age iOS ’86 for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices, the concept simply gives the flavor of old generation Mac Plus computer to your iOS devices. Well, it appears someone in the iOS jailbreaking community pick the concept of that idea, and now today finally returns to the community with an iOS ’86 theme for the iOS devices to give the real flavor of ’86 to the iPhone devices. A new theme package is released in Cydia that aims to bring the old gen computer flavor on your iPhone.

The earlier concept of iOS ’86 was designed by Anton Repponen, and now the tweak is created by an author named AR7. A new theme named “iOS ‘86” is released in Cydia to brings the old school device look on your newer device environment. Well, the installation of the theme is bit different from other packages, as the original theme is not launched in the default and standardized repositories of Cydia, instead it launched in private repo of a developer. Here are the simple steps to install the theme on your device:

Step 1. Open Cydia, and add to your list of sources in Cydia, while installing the repo in your list, Cydia will inform you about the reputation of the private Cydia repo.

Step 2. Once the repo is installed, do a search in Cydia for ‘iOS 86? and install it.

Step 3. Once you’re done with installation of the theme package, go to your Winterboard tweak in your device, and activate the theme on your Winterboard, and re-spring your device.
Step 4. Well, it is not compulsory and totally depends on your choice, if you like to experience the same look showed in above image, then download some white color background for your device.

In the first build of theme, it won’t support a large number of iOS icons on your device, even not the Game Center icon your device. However, we can expect the further updates to the tweak will carry more support for the icons.