Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

How To Get Back Comment Button on Facebook (FB Purity)

As most of you know by now, Facebook recently made a change to how the comment system works. This involved removing the Send/Comment button, and changing it to where a user would send their comment by simply hitting ENTER. This goes against everything we know today about typing to people online. It is a terrible change that has, and will continue to annoy everyone who uses the social networking giant. However, there is an easy fix. There is a cure! We do not have to live with this. There is an answer, and it’s called FB Purity! No more of that Shift+Enter garbage!

With FB Purity, you can easily bring the comment button back into your Facebook Life. If you know any loved ones on the verge of Facebook Suicide (it’s real, believe me I’ve seen it!) As you can see, this easily fixes everything in one go. No longer will we have to put up with Zuckerberg’s clowns. Take back control of how you use the web, with this new extension. The extension also cleans up application spam, which makes it ideal for keeping yourself safe (mostly) from those nasty applications that are spamming everyone’s walls and infecting their accounts. That’s functionality right there!


If you know anybody who hates this, or have the urge to help your fellow man restore his sanity on Facebook as well, please share this link with your friends.

Download the FB Purity Plugin for your Browser