Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

How To Get Application Update Push Notifications On iPhone / iPad

The iOS notification center is already the most famous and liked feature of the iOS 5 that lets users  to access the device events quickly with a single slide of a finger on the screen, and the notification center capabilities expanded to another level by the different tweaks and the applications that let users to bring more functions on the iOS notification center. The iOS 5 also introduced a new type of notification banners on the iOS devices that adds more value to the notification center.


We have already seen some tweaks in the Cydia that allows you to set up banner notifications for certain different tasks, like the MusicBanners, the tweak that brought music notifications to your device. However, there is a new tweak launched in Cydia, called AppUpdateNotifier – the new jailbreak tweak brings all the applications update notifications to your device, and sit its banner in the notification center until you not update the device or dismiss the notification. It seems to be a good tweak for those who don’t like to have update badges on their device springboard.

The AppUpdateNotifier sends push notifications on your device, whenever the iOS app update available to you for download. AppUpdateNotifier is available in Cydia’s default repository for $1.49, and integrates completely with the iOS 5 notification center. The tweak brings all kinds of notifications on your device, as you have to set it according to your needs. AppUpdateNotifier banner notification brings the application name and version, and the users can tap and slide on the banner to directly open the application link in the iTunes Store to download application updated version on the device.

AppUpdateNotifier seems to be a really handy tweak to us, let us know what you think about it! Once again, you can grab the fully functional tweak from the Cydia’s default repositories mean you don’t have to set up any additional repository to get this tweak.