Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

How To Fix White Icon Issues After Absinthe Untethered Jailbreak

Since the Absinthe iPhone 4S / iPad 2 untethered jailbreak is released in the general public, many users have reported about the different bugs after the untethered exploit, and one of the most known bugs is white labeled icons on the dashboard of the device. However, today we will share a little workaround with you to solve this white icon problem on your device, that have been started happening after jailbreaking your device with the latest iOS 5.0.1 Untetehred Jailbreak.

The white icons bug in the Absinthe is scheduled to be fixed in the upcoming update of the jailbreak exploit by the so-called “Dream Team”. In the meantime, the old rockstar of the jailbreaking community, PlanetBeing the member of Dream Team has just tweeted a simple trick to solve the problem on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. According to his mention, you can simply sort it out by installing any free tweak from the Cydia. It is happening due to some conflicting code in the Absinthe root, and it requires the fresh install of any other tweak on the device to sort it. For example, you can download SBSettings from Cydia for free of cost to solve this issue.

In another case, where you see an unknown white icon on your dashboard with strange titles and links to hidden files, Especially after the installation of new packages, it is quite common for these icons can appear in the home of your iPhone. If you tried to click on one of these icons – for example “Configure” – you will immediately understand that these are system applications “hidden” that are activated only in certain occasions by the operating system (such as applying the “Configure” is the first launch of the iPhone screen).

To fix this type of issue, simply go to SBSettings panel, and respring your device to hide these icons on the dashboard of your device.