Sat. May 21st, 2022

How To: Fix One Signal Bar Issue on iPhone 4 Unlocked Using Gevey Ultra on iOS 5

It has been almost about more than a year that there is no official Unlock for iPhone 4 has come out yet. The last time we saw an official Unlock was on 1.59.00 for iPhone 4. After that the Unlock for iPhone 4 became a dream for the people who are locked on new basebands. The Dev-Team might not be able to find any solution for the official Unlock, so the old Gevey SIM people made their way to the market with the iPhone Unlock on new basebands from 1.59.00-4.10.4.

In past we have seen many Gevey SIM cards. Every new company started to copy the real Gevey SIM card interposer with the name of Gevey Pro, Supreme, and Ultra. Every real Gevey got a new counterfeit at low price.

After the huge success business of Gevey People, Apple fixed the hole of Gevey in iOS 5. Apple introduced a new baseband in iOS 5 which is not unlockable by Gevey SIM for now. The new baseband is 4.11.08.

so, those of who you used Sn0wbreeze or the latest Redsn0w to preserve their Unlock (baseband) are still on the safer side. They can still use Gevey SIM to unlock old-basebands on iOS 5. Those of you are Unlocked on iOS 5 using Gevey SIM are facing some problem with Signal bars. It only shows one signal Bar on the iPhone. Though the phone works fine. This problem is mainly seen on Gevey Ultra.

Gevey Ultra is the Untethered Unlock for iphone 4 on old basebands by which you don’t need to do the procedure again and again in order to get full signals. You need to install a Tweak from Cydia called FuriousMod in order to make it Untethered, unfortunately that Tweak is not yet compatible with iOS 5 yet. The team over Gevey are working on it to make it compatible.

The time span cannot be told about when the Tweak would be made compatible, but we can let you fix one signal bar issue on Gevey Ultra on iPhone 4.

Before we start the steps, we are assuming that you know the procedure of the method to make Gevey Work (Manual method. The 112 one). If you don’t know so we will do a small guide on it also.

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

In this step we will tell you on how to activate your Gevey Ultra manually.

  • You must got Gevey Ultra or any other Gevey with you and a locked iPhone 4 on baseband 1.59.00-4.10.04. 
  •  You iPhone must be turned on and no SIM Should be there. 
  • Now insert the Gevey SIM in your iPhone and wait for the message for instructions. ( The phone will first say NO SERVICE and then SEARCHING)
  • After Searching is done, you will get a message with set of instructions. Accept that message
  • After you ahve accepted that message, now dial 112 for 2 seconds and end the call. (not more than 2-3 seconds. Other wise the call will be made to 112 which is not good.)
  • Once the call is ended, go to Settings and turn on the Airplane Mode on.
  • Now wait for the message of NO SIM or SIM CARD FAILURE. 
  • Once you get any of those message, turn the airplane mode off and you will get two more messages of same type. Press oki on them.
  • Then once again turn the airplane mode on, then after 15 seconds, turn the airplane mode off, then turn it on, and now finally turn it off. 
  • The Phone will now go on searching and soon you will get Signals (one bar signal)

Step 2:

once you get one bar signal, it will be showing like this:


Step 3:

Now you must be Jailbroken on your iDevice in order to follow the next Step. If you don’t know how to Jailbreak, so you can follow our guide over here.

Now open Cydia and search for Ultrasn0w.



Ultrasn0w won’t help you to unlock your new baseband because it is not yet supported. We have highlighted the supported basebands for you in RED

Step 4:

Now install Ultrasn0w


Once the installation is done, it will ask you to Restart/Reboot your iDevice.


Step 5:

After you have Restarted your Spring Board/ rebooted your iPhone, follow the Step 1 above again to get signals back. This time you will get full signals.


Finally, you will have your full signals and your one signal problem will be solved.

This thing is really strange that by installing Ultrasn0w, we get full signals. Although ultrasn0w is not yet compatible with any new basebands. The baseband of this iPhone 4 was 2.10.04. We forgot to take a pic of that.

Special thanks to Jawad Javed for the tip and Osama Akhtar for helping with step 1.

If you are one of those who is facing this problem should give it a try and do let us know if this works for you. We will for sure ask @MuscleNerd  and @sherif_hashim about the Ultrasn0w mystery.