Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

How To Fix Error 3194 While Updating/ Restoring iDevices

Many people are reporting and facing issues while Updating and Restoring the iDevice. We have posted the guide of Errors and solution before, but the error which was very common is Error 3194. The questions arises, I am not able to update due to this Error occurs While Updating. I want to update to the stock firmware, still i get this error. Why?

The answer is very simple and easy. Apple blocked the Cydia Server. If you remember we used to edit our Hosts file in PC and MAC and add this IP Address.

This was the IP which was used to by pass the Apple server and helped you to restore your iDevice without any problem and error. As this IP has been blocked by Apple, So people are facing Errors and Problems.

Above was a little history about the server and errors. Below is the Method by which you can resolve the error.

Steps to Follow:


First of all connect your Device and Update/ restore it. Either on Official or Custom one and wait for the error.

The reason i got the error is because i go the IP Address in my hosts file.


Now it is time to remove the IP Address.

Download Tiny Umbrella and Open it.

Then save your SHSH.


Now go to Advance Tab and you will see many option there.

Here the main problem is the second option. Which is

Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit.

What you have to do is Just Uncheck this option.

Once done Apply Changes and you ready to go. Update it restore it. It will work flawlessly. To restore back to previous iOS you must got you SHSH Saved.

One more thing, people reported that they were able to Update their iPad 2 rather than their iPhone 4. This was because iPad 2 is not yet Jailbroken and the IP Address doesn’t affects the iPad 2 firmware updating process.