Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

How To Fix Absinthe “Error Establishing a Database Connection” Jailbreak

The Absinthe iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak tool for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S has recently launched by the Chronic DevTeam and already a big number of users start jailbreaking their devices, and therefore the Chronic DevTeam servers start acting like a jerk, and the jailbreak users start facing couple of issues while jailbreaking their devices with Absinthe jailbreak the clone of Corona for A5 devices.

After jailbreaking the devices, user have been facing issue while connecting the Absinthe servers to completely make Cydia to work on the device, and users have been facing an issue on their devices “Error Establishing a Database Connection”. Well the issue is arise due to a little bug in the GreenP0ison blog, and the exploit itself which calls the device to browse to greenpois0n web during the jailbreak.

Well, the great iOS hacker PlanetBeing quickly comes on the twitter and shared a little workout with users to fix the issue. The trick is go to your device Settings.app and turn on the VPN on the device, but while connecting with VPN, it may through a simple error on the device but ignore it and go again to the Absinthe clip on your device and tap to launch the Absinthe. Your device will goes into a restart little loop, and then again comes up with normal activity on the iOS.

Settings > Network > VPN > ON.

We have tested the trick on our devices and it works correctly with our devices, try it on your device or follow the video tutorial on which we have covered the trick as well, here! Jailbreak iPad 2 and iPhone 4S with Absinthe On Mac OS X