Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

How To Enable/Disable Animated Greenpois0n Logo On iPhone,iPod, & iPad

Hey folks a day before Greenpois0n was updated to work on all iDevices and the new thing was introduced which was the Animated logo on the start up screen. Although it looks good but some people don’t want that logo or want to add the logo.

So thanks to iPhoneItalia for posting the method on how to do it.

Follow the simple steps and this is only for MAC.

Steps to Follow.


You must be Jailbroken on iOS4.2.1 on your respected iDevice. You can follow the guide here.


Download Disk Aid for MAC.


When you ready and got the things done and Downloaded. open Disk Aid For MAC and be sure that your iDevice is connected.

Open Disk Aid

When you will open it, it will ask you about “Do you know what You Are Doing”. If you really don’t know or if you know, in both cases press OK. We will tell you what to do :P.


When you will press YES then Navigate to USR. You will see the window like the above one.

Now go to BIN Folder and on the right you will see many files.


Now you will be able to see a file named Animate

Now Delete the file Animate and give it a Reboot. Viola you are done and the Animated logo is Vanished.

If you don’t have the Animated logo and want to have one so follow the above 4 Steps the same way they are mentioned. After following till Step#4 follow the steps below to have the Animated Logo.


Download the file Called Animate


Follow the above Steps till 4TH step. If you want to add the Animate File so you will need to use this cyberduck because you will need to change the permission of the file.


Open Cyber Duck and SSH into your Device. and go to the same location USR/BIN

and paste the file which you downloaded called Animated

After adding the file set the permission to 775

To set the permission. right click on the Animate go to INFO

Go to set Permission and set the permission

After you have set the permisison Close Cyber Duck and do a Reebot and you will have the Animated Logo