Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

How To Enable Multitasking Gestures On Original iPad Running iOS 5 (Without Jailbreak)

Sometimes Apple really makes unusual decisions which mostly disturbs the interaction of the user with device, with the launch of iOS 5 last week, Apple has disabled the multitasking gestures from the first generation iPad and makes it feature limited to the iPad 2, but what about those users who gotten used to the Multi-tasking gestures on their first generation iPad. On this decision of Apple, a hacker just have found a way to bring the multi-gestures back on the iPad without jailbreaking the device.

To get back multi-gestures on iPad running iOS 5, you surely have to activate it through the below mentioned tutorial, the user has modified the ramdisk of the iPhone’s Dev Team Redsn0w tool and release it on web for other users. All you have to download the modified version of the redsn0w and to run it on first generation iPad, this method will also enables display mirroring on the first generation iPad.


STEP 1: Download iOS 5 for iPad 1 from here and then download the modified redsn0w version:

  • Download modified redsn0w for Windows
  • Download modified redsn0w for Mac OS X

STEP 2: Open redsn0w and select Jailbreak then put your iPad in DFU mode.

STEP 3: Uncheck Install Cydia to prevent jailbreaking and check on Enable multitask gestures.

You’ll be able now to enable multitasking gestures and display mirroring from the