Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

How to Enable MT Gestures Updated Version [Guide]

Today MT Gestures Tweak was updated to 1.1 and some bugs were fixed and the support from Winterboad.app was removed. Like previously we told you that you need to enable them via Winterboard.app. Now you don’t have to do that way.

This time the method will be a little complicated. So before following the guide think twice that do you really want the MT Gestures? If the answer comes yes so proceed further and follow the guide.

You will need a PC/MAC to carry on.

Steps to Follow:


Download iFunbox/Cyberduck

Download iFile from Cydia

Some basic Knowledge of SSH is needed.

You need to be Jailbroken on you iDevice.


Now Download MT Gestures from Cydia it is free.

When downloaded proceed next and open iFunbox and Navigate to this Location


And make a Backup of these 2 files on your PC first.

Now Copy the Two Files named as General.plist and Settings.plist to the Backup folder located on




Now take the Settings.plist and General.plist from the Patched folder located on


and go back to the

/Application/Settings.appp and paste them there (You should be prompted to owerwrite the existing files. Allow the files to be overwritten)


Once done with this relax you mind and open iFile which you downloaded from Cydia and Edit some core files.

*But before Editing them make a back up of the Core files by going to :


The files you need to Backup are:

N90AP.plist (for iPhone4)

N88AP.plist (for iPhone 3GS)

N81AP.plist (iPod Touch 4)

N18Ap.plist (for iPod Touch 3G)


Now open iFile and edit the above file which you saved as a Backup.You can do via iFunbox / Cyberduck.

Open the N88A.plist with note pad or any plist Editor for you PC or MAC.

Now you will have to add this line.



What i did was copied the code into Microsoft Word and Added the line from there. So it is up to you.


Now save the File which is N88A.plist in the same location and if it asks to overwrite do it.

Once you have followed the whole procedures you need to re spring your device. Once your device has finished re-springing, open your settings,at the top there should be a new toggle called Multi Tasking-Gesture. Set it to on. Now enjoy the Gestures.

Thats it you are done. If you face any problems and cannot understand any thing, so feel free to contact me on Facebook page.