Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

How To Enable Early Look Of Advanced / Modern Task Manager Of Windows 8

We have already talked about the Windows 8 features on previous some posts, today early in the morning we reported about the Avanced/Modern Task Manager of Windows 8, which was very easy to use, for those who don’t know about how it work s and  brings new features.

As reported by some sources  sadly the Advanced/ Modern Task Manager is not enabled by default in Windows 8 earlier builds. But now thanks to the folks over Windows 8 Center, you not have to wait more to get the new Task Manager.

Genius folks of Windows 8 Center, has managed to dig in the leaked build of Windows 8 and get little more information about it, this time they got the registry hack through which you can enable the Windows 8 Modern Task Manager on your copy of Windows. To activate the Advanced/Modern Windows 8 Task Manager you just have to go to this registry location:


Create a 32bit value with name of “TaskUIEnabled” and set its value to “1”


We have already said that Windows 8 is still in very early stages of development and its quite buggy. The screen shot of Modern Task Manager was firstly shared by Winrumors, and it is in early stage of development may be the final release of Windows 8 contains more features than the first Milestone.