Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

How to do Untethered Jailbreak & Preserve the Baseband on iPhone4/iPhone3GS running iOS 4.3.1 via PWNAGE Tool [Guide]

The Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 4/ 3GS was out few days ago for MAC OS X and Windows both.

This is the guide for those people who are still on old baseband and want to preserve their baseband and update to iOS 4.3.1. If you are on iOS 4.3.1 and want to perform an Untethered Jailbreak so use Redsn0w guide available here.

Things required to perform the following steps are:

1. iTunesLatest Version

2. iOS 4.3.1

3. PWNAGE Tool 4.3

4. An Internet Connection

Below are the Steps to be followed.


Download PWNAGE Tool 4.3.dmg

Once Downloaded Open PWNAGE Tool


When the PWNAGE Tool will be opened, click EXPERT MODE from the Top and from below choose your Device.

Now proceed Next.


When you will proceed next, it will ask for you to browse for the respected firmware which is iOS 4.3.1.

Now select your firmware


After you have selected your Firmware now proceed next.

When you will proceed next it will give you options like this:

Select General and Proceed next


When you proceed next it will give you a screen like this:

** Only check the Activate my iPhone if you don’t rely on Hacktivaiton. Which is you are a non AT&T User. If you are using Official carrier SIM like AT&T Uncheck the option and proceed next.

When prompted to this window select Build and Proceed next


Now click next and the custom firmware cooking will start.

After some time it will ask you for the admin Password. Enter your Password and press OK to continue.


Once done. It will show you a message DONE!. Then proceed next to put your Device into DFU Mode via PWNAGE Tool

Once you are in DFU mode and done.

The Custom Firmware will be on your Desktop, open iTunes and restore to that Custom Firmware. In no time you will be done and will be on iOS 4.3.1 with the old baseband.

If you rely on Unlock so Follow this tutorial here to Fix Ultrasn0w. It is broken on iOS 4.3.1.