Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

How to Burn Movies from iTunes to DVD

Today’s smartphones have become highly advanced. Of course if there is something which fits in just your palm, it is possible for you to do the extraordinary tasks from it. Camcorders are popular but people prefer recording videos instantly using their smartphones such as iPhone. It is not an exception to capture your priceless moments into the in-built camcorder n the iPhones. But what if you wish to transfer this video into your computer? For this purpose, what you need is to burn movies from iTunes to DVD. All you need is your iPhone, working iTunes version as well as the USB cable for data transfer.

The very first thing that you need to do is connect the smartphone to the computer via USB cable. Once you open your device on the computer, you would get access to the videos as well as photos on the phone. Drag and simply drop these videos or movies to the computer at the place where you wish. Your movies will be available in the MP4 version by default. This is not a right format for being placed into the DVD format, which is why you need to first convert it into MPEG 2. You can convert it into the MPEG 2 format using certain programs. Once this has been done, you are free to convert your iTunes movies into the DVD format.

A lot of software companies these days include in-built video to DVD conversions which make it possible for you to open the DVD burning software and select those files which need to be converted into the format. All you need to do is select iTunes for conversion but before that you need to do the step mentioned above. By simply clicking the “burn” option, you will easily get to convert iTunes movies to DVD format, which is very simple.

Through this simple process you can convert the iTunes into the DVD and this can make your task simpler and convenient. Thereafter you are free to watch the recorded movies on your computer as well and that too with ease and without any interruptions.