Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

How To Bring OS X App Switcher On iPhone / iPad

Just like all the operating system,  iPhone operating system also has its own multi-tasking app switcher, which could be enabled by double pressing the home button, while there are coupled of nice-looking cydia tweaks that could allow you to modify the app switcher, and bring multiple options on the same window using different jailbreak tweaks. Maybe many of you have the experience of using the Mac OS, the rising operating system in these days, as Apple hardware is overtaking all the Windows and other hardware world-wide. So, those Mac OS users must be familiar with the Command+Tab shortcut key on their machine that allows them to quickly swipe windows, and check out what is running under the hood?

Similar to that functionality, today we have a jailbreak tweak that could bring the same UI and functionality but with limited resources on your iPhone and iPad. CmdTab is a new jailbreak tweak released in Cydia that aims to bring the multitasking bar on the iPhone screen, and provides the exact same UI to the Mac OS bar on the iPhone screen. However, there is a little twist in the rock of the tweak, the developer of the tweak has changed the overall working of the tweak, as it now provides pre-defined shortcuts instead of the background running application’s icon. But still, the developer had the design it to carry some of the basic application’s shortcuts, just like settings, mail, and twitter.

CmdTab is works with the combination of the Activator action options on the iOS devices, and allows you to set it opens through the activator, like you can call it on any Activator action such as pinching an icon on the screen. Sadly, there is no plugin and trick to make it work as the OS X bar, or tell it to recognize the last running application on the iOS. However, still it works cool, and if you want to test something new on your device must give it a try from the Cydia’s default repositories, as it is available for free in the Cydia.