Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

How These Guys Bypass iPhone Pass-Code Lock Screen In 2 Minutes [VIDEO]

The Apple’s iOS operating system for iPhone and iPad devices are always referred to be as the most secure mobile platform, at least most most secure than Google’s open-source Android, but the iOS is still not much secure to be called as the perfect operating system for the mobile devices. Well, the iOS operating system for iPhone and iPad devices also exploit able to the hackers in the jailbreaking community, who works day and night to discover the new kind of loop holes in the iOS to reverse engineering the iOS functionality to get root access on the device to install custom tools on the devices like Cydia.

However, this is just a start of iOS hacking, we have reported you a week ago that they are some kind brokers are available that pay you for discovering an exploit in the iOS, and pay you up to $250,000 for the powerful exploit discovery in the iOS, similar to the jailbreak exploit that led developers to gain root access on the device with a few steps. We know that iOS is the secure platform, and hackers work a lot to crack its security to gain access over it; however, it is reported that some folks over at Micro Systemation – a Swedish security firm, are just able to bypass the most secure iOS lock screen passcode barrier in just less than 2 minutes. Yes, we are not making you fool!

The security firm has used its in-house designed program to gain control over the iOS device, and then bypass the iOS security code within minutes, but the hack doesn’t ends here. Their own developed in-house tool called “XRY” that is being used to bypass security is able to place logs and different kind of things into an iOS device secretly, and moreover; it allows them to easily debunk the device memory and gain access over contacts, phone call logs, keystrokes, GPS locations, and many other things with a single tool work.

They have claimed that they are not using any “backdoor exploits” to achieve this kind of access over iOS devices; instead, they are discovering exploits like iPhone DevTeam uses to jailbreak iOS. It means they are discovering iOS loopholes to gain access over the entire device.