Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

How The New 4-inch iPhone 5 Will Affect iOS User Stream

We are undoubtedly 6 months away from the actual launch of the next-generation iPhone 5 in the public, but the rumor mill is appearing to be pretty active, as it daily comes up with an interesting tidbit regarding the upcoming iPhone 5 device, and about its launch month. We are already hearing million of tidbits coming out for the iPhone 5, like the most recent report suggested that the new iPhone 5 device is going to feature a complete redesign, and a uni-body case along with 4-inch display screen.

iPhone 5

However, the analyst and folks in the Apple rumor mill is already whopping for the 4-inch display screen iPhone 5 for more than a year no, and now finally this year after 2 years of same iPhone 4 design, and 5 years with 3.5-inch display screen. It is reported that iPhone series is going to feature a big 4-inch display screen to light up users experience on the device with latest technology. But, still the techie folks out there is yet to figure out how the Cupertino will makes it move to 4-inch display screens with the new iPhone 5.


The user over The Verge’s forum has just stated a pretty lengthy case regarding the Apple’s move from 3.5-inch display to the bigger 4-inch display screen in the iPhone series. Here is a the most highlighted part of its report:


“Change the aspect ratio. As I mentioned above, all iPhones (and iPod touches) have had an aspect ratio of 3:2. Could Apple change the aspect ratio to increase the screen size while maintaining the same 326ppi (pixels per inch)?

…For those of you who are good with numbers I’m sure you’ve noted that 1152 x 640 has an aspect ratio of 9:5 and the 1152 pixels is an increase of 192 from 960 and that’s 20% more than on the iPhone 4 and 4S.”

Undoubtedly, as he mentioned, the change in display screen variation will cause many issues for the Apple and as well as for the developers of iOS App Store, who design applications for the iPhone devices. The new 4-inch display screen iPhone 5 will surely carry more pixels than the iPhone 4 / 4S, and will power a little different overall screen resolution.  It is one of the major drawback of changing the standard iPhone display screen-size as most of the developers have to completely redesign their applications for the newer iPhone.