Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

How Much iPhone 5 Is Away From Launch After Announcement

From the earlier morning reports we have got Apple is finally up to announce its next generation iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S on October 4, as the words comes from the Apple’s executive and member of BOD. So now the next point is, how much more time Apple is needed to finally launch the iPhone. According to the rumor mill, Apple to start selling iPhone from October 14th, exact ten days after the announcement of the device.

While the question is still unclear, Fortune comes up with an interesting way back graph of iPhone launch from its announcement, they have showed up the days how long Apple may take time to launch iPhone.

While the some first launches takes a really long time, but its reported that Apple has already filled up his hand with massive production orders from all around its iOS parts maker. iPhone 5 will not take so much time to come out, will come out with in two weeks after announcement.