Sat. May 21st, 2022

How Apple and Facebook Working Together To Kill Google

Just, a couple of minutes ago, I was reading same niche blogs for some good content and new, and just passed through the really attention-seeking article by Fortunes on How Apple and Facebook working together to kill down their mutual enemy Google. The article carries an interested excerpt regarding Apple’s and Facebook together efforts against Google.

We all know, Facebook and Google both fighting on ruling the internet world for quite some time, and it also appears that Apple is as well trying to get rid from Google’s copied “Android” and it’s smartphone vendors, to make less competition in the market for their own iOS devices. Well, I would suggest you to take a look at the snippet:

That last point is not lost on Zuckerberg. It has prompted him to seek closer ties with Google’s biggest rival in mobile: Apple. The two companies have held multiple rounds of discussions, according to people with knowledge of the talks. But they have yet to find a compelling way to collaborate, perhaps because their courtship got off to a rocky start. […] That Apple chose to bake Twitter, not Facebook, into the most recent version of its mobile operating system has not helped. Still, the two companies continue to talk, knowing full well that an alliance could help them fend off a common enemy.


Both Apple and Facebook talking with each other from a long time to bake something really unique, which helps them to get down their mutual enemy, Google. We have also learned in the past that Apple and Facebook work together on several projects in the past such as Apple’s music social network called “Ping” and then the deep integration of Facebook into their latest iOS 5.0, but last moment decisions changed their whole project, and Apple integrates the Twitter into their new iOS.


VIA: Fortunes / iDB