Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

HomeSafari Brings Home Button On Mobile Safari (Cydia Tweak)

Apple has designed the Mobile Safari with the number of features, and makes it perfect on the iOS firmware version, as people don’t need any alternative browser to the original browser of iOS firmware. Apple keep updating the Mobile Safari with the number of new additions, and security patches that brings more efficient performance at the user end. However, with the number of built-in features, Mobile Safari still lacks the basic feature of the browser programs. I am not talking about the Safari; I am talking about the such feature that all other browsers support world-wide.

Apple’s Mobile Safari lacks of the “Home” button that provides the shortcut to the iOS users to quickly open the website that they want to browser whenever the browser runs on the iOS device. Apple has not yet added the Home button on the iOS browser, and we believe that Apple is not going to include the feature by default in the Mobile Safari. Well, if you are one of those who wants the button addition in the mobile Safari, and wants to enjoy the same quick load preview of the home page defined URL.


There comes the new tweak called “HomeSafari.” It is a new jailbreak tweak launched in Cydia with aims to bring the Home button on the Mobile Safari for you on the iPhone and iPad devices. HomeSafari doesn’t require any kind of introduction, as it names reflects its work. HomeSafari is a free jailbreak cydia tool available on BigBoss repository for free of cost. The new tweak allows you to define a web address as a home page in the Mobile Safari option tab presents in the standard of your device. You can be there easily select an URL as a Homepage for your device.

If you are interested to get back the Home button on Mobile Safari, must give it a try. It is available in BigBoss Repository to download for free.