Sat. May 21st, 2022

Holy Crisis: Android’s Share Get Double, iOS Below Symbian & Android

Folks I think this could not be every ones thinking but yes Androids shares have been doubled while iOS’s are below Symbian. The reasons for both Android and Symbian could be that many devices are running Android and Symbian while iOS just runs in iDevices.

The shares of iOS have dropped due to the delayed fifth generations iPhone launch because it gave some space for all the mobile vendors to cover all the loss. Gartner believes

Gartner believes Apple will bounce back in the fourth quarter because of its strongest ever preorders for the iPhone 4S in the first weekend after its announcement. Markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Russia and China are becoming more important to Apple, representing 16 percent of overall sales and showing that the iPhone has a place in emerging markets.

iPhone 4S is almost around the world, on November 25th its going to rock in India and as Apple claimed, worlds fastest roll out ever. The sources around claim that iPhone 5 would have been released but due to some inflicts everything got up to the WWDC ’12.

The shares of  iOS can increase by the end of year because Apple has to deliver the iPhone 4S around the world with 120 carriers till the end of 2011.