Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

High Res iPad 3 Display Panel From Sharp, Smart Cover Magnet Leaks

The internal parts of the upcoming next-generation iPad 3 is start floating in the world top publication’s desk these days, as we all know the device is soon going to be launched by Apple somewhere in the next month. The folks living in the grey markets, having links to the production houses have just started leaking the parts around the world to reveal the internal specifications of the device.  The most-recent iPad 3 part leak suggests the internal dock, and cable of 9.7-inch panel to support the higher DPI resolution display screens on the iPad 3. The device part leaks come from the Japanese blog Maotakara today, while following the leak of back cover of iPad 3 which suggests more room to put larger batteries in iPad 3.

The purported part leak of iPad 3 display suggests that the display on iPad 3 will be coming from the Sharp, and the display is said to be the retina one, which is going to support the 2048×1536 high resolution on the iPad 3. The new higher DPI called display for iPad 3 shows the three ribbon cables, along with the additional one to support the higher resolution on the iPad 3. According to few past rumors, Apple is said to be using the dual back-lid on the iPad 3 to carry the retina display on such as tablet device.

Including this high DPI display screen leak, we came to know that few folks have also leaked some magnetic panels of iPad 3 which is used to be make Smart Cover working on the iPad 3. The iPad 3 is currently rumored to be carrying the Quad-Core A6 processor, with improved GPU and higher display range.