Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Hide Any Application From LaunchPad Of Mac OS X Lion – HOW TO

Here at FreaKGeeKs, we have shared number of tips and earlier applications for Mac OS X Lion. So today we are again comes up with a new application or you may be can say it a tweak for your OS X Lion. We all know Apple has introduced a new thing in OS X Lion named LaunchPad, many users spend their many precious hours in setting up the launchpad in OS X Lion. But they found out that there is one handy feature is missing, a feature to hide the specific App icon, which you not want to show them to all, or not uses often. So here we have really easy hack for you which allow you to manage your LaunchPad also allow you to hide any app from it.

Developer Andreas Ganske’s has releases a new application called “Launchpad-Control” that allows you to hide any app from the launchpad, for using the tweak. All you need to do is download this free application tweak and install it, when the application runs, it will automatically shows the icon and names of the apps, which were currently showing in the launchpad, to hide app, you just have to untick the application from the LaunchPad-Control. You can download his tool from here.