Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Hates Google Black Bar? New Google Bar Already In Work (VIDEO)

Google has been already getting attention of developers from last sometime with the roll out of the new UI and black bar above all services page carries the basic functions of Google’s latest launched a social network site “Google+” basic options. Google has been updating all the services with time to time update with the new Google+’s UI and have already almost every online service. Many of the users have liked the new UI, but there are few users who not like these implementations and loves the old UI of the services such as “Google Reader”. Google has rolled out the black bar on every Google’s service providing notifications regarding buzz on Google+.

Google Bar New Layout
It seems that Google has been working on the different layout for its service and plans to roll out slowly with the passage of time, according to a leak video of Google’s new layout on YouTube. The videos show up the newer version of Google Bar on top of every Google’s service page, but integrated in the service not like the black bar.  The leak video of unreleased Google’s Bar designs shows the complete integrated design with Gmail, Google Reader and Maps with the full drop-down menu support and quite effective layout of the overall bar on the page.

The users online on the web have just hinted us about the video which actually shows the real video, unfortunately the real user of the video who uploaded the vide has just changed the privacy. However, we are able to snatch the look of the video from another piece of video. Let’s take a look at the video:

For sure, we don’t know when Google will roll out this new Google Bar layout, but it’s a quite good change in the layout of Google’s services all over the web. Google has already been tweaking its services for the better experience on tablets, especially on the Apple’s iPad.