Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Harry Potters Website Pottermore Gets Attacked By Spammers (Report)

We got more than million of Fans of Harry Potter all around the world waiting to access the website of Harry Potter known as Pottermore, which is said to be a virtual world made by JK Rowling for the fans of Harry Potter. The website offers the fans to get access to all the 7 volumes of the movies.

Harry Potter fans trying to get an early look of the virtual world made by JK Rowling are now a part of spam attacks. Spammers are taking the full advantage of Harry Potter fans. Scammers have setup fake profiles, advertisements and even selling access to Pottermore on eBay.

As noted by newsden:

There were a large number of beta test accounts given out through competitions and although these beta testers were made to agree certain terms and conditions yet we see a number of those accounts have now been passed on to the scammers who are selling it on eBay.

The accounts which were bypassed were notified by Pottermore to the fans who got the accounts tat the accounts are no more available to use. Pottermore also told the fans that the accounts they are buying are not in use or working accounts. Therefore pottermore blogged that:

Please do not buy, sell, or transfer Pottermore early access accounts. Obtaining beta registration for Pottermore with the intent of selling on those registration details for monetary gain .”